Spore (oddlyoddish) wrote in succulents,

w00t!! :D

MY "BARREL" CACTUS IS FLOWERING. *Dances around wildly.* It's got three little purpley-pink flower buds on it so far! :D  A fourth one is trying to grow and I think I saw a fourth possible spot, if not a fourth AND fifth!! *Dances excitedly.* I'll be posting pictures of it later :3 I need to figure out where the hell my battery charger went (-3-) If I'm able to find it, I'll definitely post more pictures of them :D Kind of wishing I didn't have it in the barrel, lol.

Did I mention this is my first flowering cactus? :3 *Bounces.*

Yeah, that's all I wanted to say, really LOL

If anyone wants to help me figure out if it'll seed, it's in a previous post of mine here that included it, a stick-like cacti and Julius. This is the cacti in question, and the post in question is here. Just in case anyone wanted to see the entry again since it had a lot more pictures of the cacti. I'm thinking of going with the name "Mr. Bucket" that my boyfriend suggested (yeah, I'm in a really good mood, lol) since it could use a name. (Bucket is the joke for barrel since it's barrel-shaped, is my boyfriend's reasoning on it.)

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