Spore (oddlyoddish) wrote in succulents,

More Cacti Identification!

Well, I bring you lovely gardening and plant lovers several pictures of a few cacti for identification!

( Follow the fake cut! )

I figure that the link is easier than posting 8 images, either linked to them or embedded under a cut.

... Yes, I was being lazy (-_-;)

But I did get my numbering on them right this time!! :o I went through them twice to fix them, lol.

Thanks for the help, everyone! :D

Cross-posted to gardening .

Edit: WHOOPSIE. Fixed the gardening link, lol.

A is a cereus peruvianus, monstrose variety. The lovely frightened helped me with this one. Apparently this user has owned one before and then mealy bugs ate it (;~;) Poor thing...
 also identified B is a haworthia mirabilis, and I Googled it and came up with a haworthia mirabilis ssp mundula that looks very nearly exactly like it. Cacti C and D have not been identified as of yet.
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