Annie (muffinmon) wrote in succulents,

Question and Introduction

I got my paddle plant last summer and have never had one before. When I Google, I can't really find the answer I am looking for.

The leaves seem softer than normal, but not falling off. It just looks like a generally unhappy plant.
Could it be dormant because it just turned Spring? Could it need a larger pot? I know they like to be in a pot slightly smaller than the plant.
I don't think it's root rot, because I have checked for that and saw nothing suspicious.
Anyway, if you know anything about succulants, help would be lovely.

About me:
My name is Annie and I have a few cacti and succulents.
I have some sort of cactus that I picked up from Walmart, 2 Jade plants, the above Paddle Plant, 4 baby cacti sprouts, a chocolate soldier, and 3 Christmas cacti sprigs.
I have had most of my house plants for a year or less. Since moving into my own house.
I have 4 kitties and a boyfriend- both dont understand me and plants!

Anyway..I am sure I will have more questions, since Im always bothering the people over in the Gardening comm too!


Zone 5B
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