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... Okay, it appears as though my little mamillaria cactus is shrinking. Remember how big it'd gotten from one of the pictures I shared? (You can view the entry to see them again.)

Well, apparently it looks as though it's shrunk back down to it's original size or just a teeeeeensy bit taller.

... Is this normal? There aren't any odd colorations going on, it's still the green color it always is. Or is it because of a "lack" of water that it's shrunk back down? It doesn't look sick at all, in any way. I can take pics if someone's curious about it's newfound... lack of height.

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Also, I have about six little aloe variegata seeds. I think they're variegata seeds, but I do know that they are an aloe-type. Papery coverings and little dark seeds in the middle.

I was wondering what the safest way to get these little guys started is? I've got a very limited amount of them, obviously, and I do want to try my hand at growing them, but don't want to really get them freaked out and have them mold, even if I do try them one at a time.

Is watering them in a paper towel a good way to get them started, or must they go directly into dirt for them to get started? Should they be misted everyday, or just as whatever I put them in/on gets dry?
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