Spore (oddlyoddish) wrote in succulents,

Moon Questions ♥

I've got a couple Oriental Moon inquiries here, concerning a sun-colored Oriental Moon.

How can I get it to pup? (The term escapes me right now.) My Strawberry Moon does pups fairly often, but my Gold Moon won't. Is it just a genetic thing? Reds/Pinks are more likely to pup than Golds?

There's a small black spot on my Gold. It doesn't seem to be bugs, unless they're deep inside the moon. This black spot has been there since I got it. Is it just a blemish or signs of infestation? The spot hasn't really grown since I got it, but then again, I did get that weird little larvae thingie out of it. Should I cut out (very carefully) or just keep an eye on it?

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