Medusa Mouth (blueyedevil) wrote in succulents,
Medusa Mouth

Hoya Kerrii

So I just moved from Nashville to Austin, TX. My hoya which I have been painstakingly nurturing, agonizing over, and protecting from squirrels for the past 6 years was put into the moving van with plenty of space around it and made the trip across country. It had 2 long new branches and a few shorter woody ones, but lost a new branch in the move. I bought some dirt, some root hormone, cut it up, planted it, and put it in the greenhouse (aka huge upside down tupperwear box). It's been about a month and although one of the leaves did not root, I think the other 2 did, plus the stems are looking promising. It looks like ICU for plants. Boy in the Bubble.

I build a frame for the original hoya out of bbq skewers and a coat hanger. I probably should have done this 3 years ago. 

I also bought a new plant at Costco! 

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