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Doing okay, or in need of help?

This is a picture I took of one of my succulents tonight, in front of another picture I took of it at the beginning of June when I first came back home to Washington from school in California. As you can see, it has definitely grown quite a lot, however... it really looks like it might just be stretching out looking for sun. :( The leaves look stretched too, and they are facing waaay downward compared to how they were a month ago. The plant seems to be happy, its leaves are nice and firm, and I really wasn't worried until I compared it with how it looked a month ago. Obviously I need to get it more light, but will it ever flesh out again? How much will this stretching affect its appearance over time?

My very first succulents, when I first got them in February.

This is them today. Suuuper tall. They've also lost all their color, which I thought meant I was over-pampering them (which I am probably okay with) but their super stretched-out-ness implies that they aren't getting all they need. *sigh*

Any tips on getting my succulents fat and sassy again??
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