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Cacti and Succulents' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Cacti and Succulents

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Cacti [06 Jul 2013|11:57am]

More lovely specimens from the Bronx Botanical Garden:

Bronx Botanical Garden 052

Bronx Botanical Garden 053
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Doing okay, or in need of help? [04 Jul 2013|11:09pm]


This is a picture I took of one of my succulents tonight, in front of another picture I took of it at the beginning of June when I first came back home to Washington from school in California. As you can see, it has definitely grown quite a lot, however... it really looks like it might just be stretching out looking for sun. :( The leaves look stretched too, and they are facing waaay downward compared to how they were a month ago. The plant seems to be happy, its leaves are nice and firm, and I really wasn't worried until I compared it with how it looked a month ago. Obviously I need to get it more light, but will it ever flesh out again? How much will this stretching affect its appearance over time?

a couple more images of another succulentCollapse )

Any tips on getting my succulents fat and sassy again??
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Wild Medicine [04 Jul 2013|11:15pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Bronx Botanical Garden 051

I recently checked out the "Wild Medicine" exhibit going on at the Bronx Botanical Garden.  It was truly gorgeous and fascinating. Plants that have medicinal uses were arranged in separate habitats, with winding paths and placards to accommodate and educate visitors.  There was a tropical rainforest habitat, a replica of a Renaissance era "botanical garden", and, of course, a desert area which features fabulous succulents.

I highly recommend checking it out if you are in the New York area, I spent the entire day exploring the grounds and the library, and still didn't see everything.

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Identity Needed [20 Feb 2013|04:22am]


I've had this guy since he was just two 3" arms, bless him.  :-)  Can anyone give an ID? His skin is kinda fuzzy with miniscule little needles. He can grow those spindly crazy arms as well as large, paddle-like segments (one can be seen on the right). THANKS!
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[05 Aug 2012|12:57pm]

Updates from Texas.
It's hot here. 
My hoya kerri plant, which grew so slowly in Tennessee, LOVES it here. In the 6 years I had it in TN, it bloomed once. In the 8 months it has been here, it's had over a dozen blooms. Part of it broke in the move and repotted it with some root hormone and it has also taken root and flourished. Today I had to trim some off the main branch because it was too heavy and splitting. I repotted those as well. Eventually I'd like to get more kinds of hoyas, but that will have to wait until we get a house. 
Hoya plant!Collapse )

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Identification? [03 May 2012|05:50pm]

Do you know this type of succulent?

My friends keep asking me this one and I absolutely have no idea. I bought it from Home Depot and it didn't have tag or name.

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Hoya Kerrii [09 Dec 2011|11:32am]

So I just moved from Nashville to Austin, TX. My hoya which I have been painstakingly nurturing, agonizing over, and protecting from squirrels for the past 6 years was put into the moving van with plenty of space around it and made the trip across country. It had 2 long new branches and a few shorter woody ones, but lost a new branch in the move. I bought some dirt, some root hormone, cut it up, planted it, and put it in the greenhouse (aka huge upside down tupperwear box). It's been about a month and although one of the leaves did not root, I think the other 2 did, plus the stems are looking promising. It looks like ICU for plants. Boy in the Bubble.Pics after the jump.Collapse )
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Aloe [25 Oct 2011|10:35pm]

Over the past 7+ years I have been keeping succulents.  I have had 2 aloe mother plants during that time.  The first had to be left in Ohio but the second I have had for close to 4 years now in Chicagoland.  My aloe is flowering!  I have my first flower stalk.  I am kind of excited about it.  And the first person I choose to tell says something not relevant and could be perceived as sarcastic. 
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livejournal is not mobile friendly [01 Oct 2011|05:43pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I have been trying to post a picture and failing. I'd there an apparently for that? Got a new succulent today. Hindu rope plant, excited about getting her home and repotted.

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Identification? [20 Aug 2011|05:07pm]

I just inherited some succulents and I'm wondering what types they are. I want to look them up and learn more about them. Also curious what "species" of cactus the two cacti are.

This is a super beginner questions, but how often and how much water should I be watering each of them?
picture under hereCollapse )
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Cacti Collapse [23 Jul 2011|04:18pm]

I don't know what type of cacti I have, as I got it from Wal-Mart in the winter time, however, something is now seriously wrong with it.
It has one large main ball cacti in the center, and than smaller cacti around it.
Well, I noticed today that the main ball was leaning and VERY squishy. Infact, there could be a giant hole in it.

My house is very warm and humid this summer, and none of my house plants are liking it. Is that it? Or is something else the problem?
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Moon Questions ♥ [28 Jun 2011|01:49pm]

I've got a couple Oriental Moon inquiries here, concerning a sun-colored Oriental Moon.

How can I get it to pup? (The term escapes me right now.) My Strawberry Moon does pups fairly often, but my Gold Moon won't. Is it just a genetic thing? Reds/Pinks are more likely to pup than Golds?

There's a small black spot on my Gold. It doesn't seem to be bugs, unless they're deep inside the moon. This black spot has been there since I got it. Is it just a blemish or signs of infestation? The spot hasn't really grown since I got it, but then again, I did get that weird little larvae thingie out of it. Should I cut out (very carefully) or just keep an eye on it?

(Cross-posted from [info]gardening)
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Shrinking? [19 Apr 2011|01:26pm]

... Okay, it appears as though my little mamillaria cactus is shrinking. Remember how big it'd gotten from one of the pictures I shared? (You can view the entry to see them again.)

Well, apparently it looks as though it's shrunk back down to it's original size or just a teeeeeensy bit taller.

... Is this normal? There aren't any odd colorations going on, it's still the green color it always is. Or is it because of a "lack" of water that it's shrunk back down? It doesn't look sick at all, in any way. I can take pics if someone's curious about it's newfound... lack of height.

(Cross-posted to gardening )

Also, I have about six little aloe variegata seeds. I think they're variegata seeds, but I do know that they are an aloe-type. Papery coverings and little dark seeds in the middle.

I was wondering what the safest way to get these little guys started is? I've got a very limited amount of them, obviously, and I do want to try my hand at growing them, but don't want to really get them freaked out and have them mold, even if I do try them one at a time.

Is watering them in a paper towel a good way to get them started, or must they go directly into dirt for them to get started? Should they be misted everyday, or just as whatever I put them in/on gets dry?
(Copied from gardening )
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Oriental Moons [19 Apr 2011|09:16am]

[ mood | excited ]

Okay, so I'm going to try my hand at a Moon or two in a couple weeks (PROVIDED MY WALLET DECIDES TO COME BACK TO ME), and I was wondering if there were any notes that I need to pay special attention to. I've had a Moon before, but for whatever reason the Moon died off and I had just the stock left (which is still growing totally crazy, will probably have to prune it back again when I go to my parents for Easter), and I'm wanting to be sure I give it adequate lighting and whatnot.

If there's a difference in care for each of colors, I'm planning on picking up a beautiful red Moon (or two) and possibly a large "green"/black one in addition to trying out a Jade plant.

And maybe a hybrid that someone grafted, a spiny green cactus on a Moon stock. (I really have no idea what the stocks themselves are called, if anything.)

Lol, I might be picking up 20, 30$ in Moons in a couple weeks, but I will do my best to restrain myself.

Any tips for me?

(Cross-posted to gardening )

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Help my Hoya! [10 Apr 2011|10:11am]

 So it's finally warm enough for my Hoya to come outside and now it's all spotty and the leaves are falling off!! It grows so slowly, I hate to see it deteriorate like this. Can you help me?My pictures.Collapse )
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Question and Introduction [24 Mar 2011|07:35pm]

I got my paddle plant last summer and have never had one before. When I Google, I can't really find the answer I am looking for.

The leaves seem softer than normal, but not falling off. It just looks like a generally unhappy plant.
Could it be dormant because it just turned Spring? Could it need a larger pot? I know they like to be in a pot slightly smaller than the plant.
I don't think it's root rot, because I have checked for that and saw nothing suspicious.
Anyway, if you know anything about succulants, help would be lovely.

S'cuse the dirty dishesCollapse )

About me:
My name is Annie and I have a few cacti and succulents.
I have some sort of cactus that I picked up from Walmart, 2 Jade plants, the above Paddle Plant, 4 baby cacti sprouts, a chocolate soldier, and 3 Christmas cacti sprigs.
I have had most of my house plants for a year or less. Since moving into my own house.
I have 4 kitties and a boyfriend- both dont understand me and plants!

Anyway..I am sure I will have more questions, since Im always bothering the people over in the Gardening comm too!


Zone 5B
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More Cacti Identification! [15 Jan 2011|06:04pm]

[ mood | gloomy ]

Well, I bring you lovely gardening and plant lovers several pictures of a few cacti for identification!

( Follow the fake cut! )

I figure that the link is easier than posting 8 images, either linked to them or embedded under a cut.

... Yes, I was being lazy (-_-;)

But I did get my numbering on them right this time!! :o I went through them twice to fix them, lol.

Thanks for the help, everyone! :D

Cross-posted to gardening .

Edit: WHOOPSIE. Fixed the gardening link, lol.

A is a cereus peruvianus, monstrose variety. The lovely frightened helped me with this one. Apparently this user has owned one before and then mealy bugs ate it (;~;) Poor thing...
 also identified B is a haworthia mirabilis, and I Googled it and came up with a haworthia mirabilis ssp mundula that looks very nearly exactly like it. Cacti C and D have not been identified as of yet.

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w00t!! :D [17 Dec 2010|06:17pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

MY "BARREL" CACTUS IS FLOWERING. *Dances around wildly.* It's got three little purpley-pink flower buds on it so far! :D  A fourth one is trying to grow and I think I saw a fourth possible spot, if not a fourth AND fifth!! *Dances excitedly.* I'll be posting pictures of it later :3 I need to figure out where the hell my battery charger went (-3-) If I'm able to find it, I'll definitely post more pictures of them :D Kind of wishing I didn't have it in the barrel, lol.

Did I mention this is my first flowering cactus? :3 *Bounces.*

Yeah, that's all I wanted to say, really LOL

If anyone wants to help me figure out if it'll seed, it's in a previous post of mine here that included it, a stick-like cacti and Julius. This is the cacti in question, and the post in question is here. Just in case anyone wanted to see the entry again since it had a lot more pictures of the cacti. I'm thinking of going with the name "Mr. Bucket" that my boyfriend suggested (yeah, I'm in a really good mood, lol) since it could use a name. (Bucket is the joke for barrel since it's barrel-shaped, is my boyfriend's reasoning on it.)

Cross-posting to gardening as well.

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[08 Nov 2010|11:04am]

Hi there! My boss sometimes asks me to maintain her cacti garden, and asked me to remove an invasive species from several of the pots. She said I could take one home if I like, so I took the youngest one and it's been growing very speedily on my window sill. Problem is, I don't know what species it is.

Have a lookCollapse )
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Cacti ID and suggestions? [07 Nov 2010|05:37pm]

[ mood | Lalala~~ ]

So I'm needing  a check to make sure that the two cacti I have living together is a good idea...

The first is a picture of the "configuration" of the two, then close pictures to tell what kind they are (since I don't know their specific latin names) so people can scream at me "OMFGDON'TDOTHAT!!" if they so wish to :3

Cacti!Collapse )

Shameless self-promotion.
Shameless self-promotion, Part 2!

Those are the only shameless self-promotions I'll do for now XD I do have more pictures of Julius uploaded to my dA, if you would like to view them. But he is... weird, if you look at the pictures. He's grown a second crown... Does anyone have any tips on fattening him up? I do like big cacti, but I don't want him to grow too tall (I've had him four years or something, and he has had possibly more water than is healthy for him in that time, hence why he's so tall), I would like him to grow a bit more around. Or is it too late for this to happen? I'm also wanting to do the same for the pup and the new barrel-shaped cactus I have. I want them to grow more outward than upward. Can someone (or multiple <3) give me advice on how to achieve this? I know the pup is about... erm... I know it's older than Julius o0 I'm not sure if I have their ages correct now O_o Wow, actually I think that the pup is about... 5 years old? I know it's been mostly neglected, left to grow on it's own with very, very little bits of water given to it. It really doesn't seem like it though... But, I'm shoving myself away from that before I start thinking and rambling on about it too much.

So yes, to recap: Are the cacti in the plastic barrel good to have together? They won't kill each other? I read someplace that some cacti and succulents can kill each other if they're put together. And how can I water all of my cacti so that they grow broad, that they grow outward instead of upward?

Thanks! :D


Just a question: Wouldn't tags be handy to find things that have been asked before or find something that was posted a year ago or so? 0o Just a question..

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