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Cacti ID and suggestions?

So I'm needing  a check to make sure that the two cacti I have living together is a good idea...

The first is a picture of the "configuration" of the two, then close pictures to tell what kind they are (since I don't know their specific latin names) so people can scream at me "OMFGDON'TDOTHAT!!" if they so wish to :3

Cacti Configuration picture

Cacti Pup
It could use a name as well, if anyone has any suggestions.

Cacti Baby
Names would be appreciated <3

Cacti Baby

Shameless self-promotion.
Shameless self-promotion, Part 2!

Those are the only shameless self-promotions I'll do for now XD I do have more pictures of Julius uploaded to my dA, if you would like to view them. But he is... weird, if you look at the pictures. He's grown a second crown... Does anyone have any tips on fattening him up? I do like big cacti, but I don't want him to grow too tall (I've had him four years or something, and he has had possibly more water than is healthy for him in that time, hence why he's so tall), I would like him to grow a bit more around. Or is it too late for this to happen? I'm also wanting to do the same for the pup and the new barrel-shaped cactus I have. I want them to grow more outward than upward. Can someone (or multiple <3) give me advice on how to achieve this? I know the pup is about... erm... I know it's older than Julius o0 I'm not sure if I have their ages correct now O_o Wow, actually I think that the pup is about... 5 years old? I know it's been mostly neglected, left to grow on it's own with very, very little bits of water given to it. It really doesn't seem like it though... But, I'm shoving myself away from that before I start thinking and rambling on about it too much.

So yes, to recap: Are the cacti in the plastic barrel good to have together? They won't kill each other? I read someplace that some cacti and succulents can kill each other if they're put together. And how can I water all of my cacti so that they grow broad, that they grow outward instead of upward?

Thanks! :D


Just a question: Wouldn't tags be handy to find things that have been asked before or find something that was posted a year ago or so? 0o Just a question..
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