Jen (chromodoris) wrote in succulents,

Hi there! My boss sometimes asks me to maintain her cacti garden, and asked me to remove an invasive species from several of the pots. She said I could take one home if I like, so I took the youngest one and it's been growing very speedily on my window sill. Problem is, I don't know what species it is.

A shot of the spotty underside of the leaves:

Can anyone tell me what species this is?
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Are you in Australia??? It looks like the Christmas coral bells of my past. They grow little plants on the edges of the leaves, which drop off and become mother plants on their own. They get pretty coral red with yellow edges bell-shaped flowers. If this sounds right, you'll have to look in an Australian native book.
Nope, I'm not in Australia. I google imaged and Christmas coral bell is not what I have.

Deleted comment

That's it! Thanks! :D
I'd venture to say it's one of the mother-of-millions type Kalanchoes. Possibly K. Daigremontiana, but could be another type. It's not one of the mother of millions I'm familiar with from my own collection, but if you look them up and compare leaf shapes I bet you'll find a match!